The plusmeta Platform

The plusmeta platform for AI-based automation

for AI-based automation

Automate your information processes with plusmeta and prepare your technical documents quickly and effectively. The user-friendly AI platform helps you make information smarter and provides this information in common exchange formats. This shortens time-consuming processes and makes innovative Industry 4.0 applications economically feasible.


The plusmeta AI can be used independently of the existing system landscape, including as a plug-in and via API. Together with our partners, we can offer you a wide range of system integrations for the plusmeta platform.

The ST4 AI Cube is an integrated plusmeta technology for scheme ST4

Integrate plusmeta technology into SCHEMA ST4. Automate your metadata assignment, standardize existing metadata, and save time. This ensures that content is quickly ready for new applications.

Intelligent upload for content delivery

Automate your content delivery processes with AI from plusmeta. Our direct interfaces to portal applications ensure rapid intelligent content delivery across multiple sources.

Up-to-date metadata with API connector

Easily synchronize product and parts catalogs from PIM, PDM, PLM, and ERP systems to integrate metadata across multiple sources. The Properties Connector is our API-based solution for easy system integration.

Entwickelt für Technische Dokumente

Entwickelt für Technische Dokumente

Egal ob es um die Vergabe von Metadaten, die Extraktion von Wissen oder um die Umsetzung von Standards geht - mit der plusmeta-Plattform bereiten Sie Ihre Technischen Dokumente optimal auf. Durch den Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz sparen Sie große Arbeitsaufwände ein. plusmeta ermöglicht Ihnen einen effektiven Arbeitsprozess und macht Ihre Dokumente fit für moderne Anwendungen und Austauschformate.


plusmeta aims to make technical information in companies more intelligent through cloud-based software. As a web application, plusmeta runs in the browser and can thus be operated from anywhere.

AI put to practical use

With AI in practical use, they exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence

Use the full potential of artificial intelligence in your company with plusmeta. plusmeta combines numerous AI methods for metadata recognition and unites them under an intuitive interface so that the focus is not on the technology but on the results. We support you in selecting the proper methods and optimizing essential parameters so your vision quickly turns into reality. Experience our pragmatic AI approach for yourself and arrange a no-obligation demo.

Intuitive workflows

With intuitive workflows, plusmeta is optimally adapted to various use cases

Day-to-day work is much easier thanks to workflows optimally adapted to the various use cases. Step-by-step, users are guided through the individual steps in plusmeta. Customized user roles allow views and workflows to be provided in a targeted manner. This makes it easier to get started, reduces complexity, and focuses on the essentials. This makes processes simple and straightforward. Automate metadata assignments and prepare content for digital transformation projects and standardized data exchange with plusmeta.

Linked knowledge

plusmeta links important knowledge even if it is not directly in the content

Essential knowledge is not always found directly in the content but arises from the context. To be able to recognize such metadata, we rely on knowledge graphs. Semantic networks model your information concepts, product variants, and features. This enables the evaluation of complex relationships to gain valuable insights from data. The plusmeta AI works in the context of the knowledge graph and, for example, only assigns components that match a specific product or automatically taps into manufacturers and target markets. For an intuitive extension of your knowledge model, plusmeta offers flexible import mechanisms and a visual editor for modeling your knowledge graph.

Mit plusmeta bis zu 80 % Zeitersparnis!

Mit plusmeta bis zu 80 % Zeitersparnis!

Von zahlreichen Kunden bestätigt: plusmeta optimiert Ihre Prozesseffizienz. Die plusmeta-Plattform automatisiert und beschleunigt viele Arbeitsschritte – unkompliziert, zügig und praktisch. Entdecken Sie das Potenzial Intelligenter Informationen und heben Sie Ihren Content auf das nächste Level. Vereinbaren Sie eine unverbindliche Demo und lernen Sie unsere effizienten Workflows kennen.

plusmeta plug-ins

Our optional plug-ins are available as supplementary features. All plug-ins are already activated in the global license.

plusmeta supports long-term archivable PDF/A documents with a plugin

PDF/A documents (Conversion)

Indispensable for the implementation of VDI 2770: Long-term archivable PDF documents in PDF/A format. This plug-in converts the documents to the highest possible PDF/A standard. The original file remains unchanged.

plusmeta supports Microsoft® Office files such as Word Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft® Office files (Conversion)

Word, Excel, or PowerPoint: this plug-in can automatically convert standard Microsoft files into PDF. This is the prerequisite for the automatic recognition of metadata and the creation of valid VDI 2770 containers.

With OCR text recognition, scans are also recognized without any problems

Text recognition (OCR)

Does your documentation still partly consist of paper? Do you process images, plans, or drawings? No problem, with help of our text recognition plug-in, the processing of scanned documents or images is generally possible with the use of our text recognition plug-in.

Mit plusmeta bereit für die VDI 2770-Paketerstellung

Mit plusmeta bereit für die VDI 2770-Paketerstellung

Sie stehen vor der Herausforderung, Ihre Dokumente gemäß der VDI-Richtlinie 2770 auszuliefern? Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, Ihre PDF-Dokumentation bereit für den neuen Standard zu machen.

plusmeta vergibt die geforderten Metadaten in Sekundenschnelle und generiert valide VDI-2770-Container. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserem Workflow und testen Sie plusmeta mit eigenen Daten in einer Demo.

Open Source

Uniform standards and exchange formats such as iiRDS or VDI 2770 are essential for exchanging manufacturer and product information efficiently. However, the creation of valid containers is often difficult. plusmeta supports you with free tools.

With the iiRDS Validation Tool the correctness of packages can be easily verified

iiRDS Validation Tool

Content management systems do not always generate and export complete or correct iiRDS containers. Metadata files are often created manually and may contain errors. Using the iiRDS Validation Tool, the correctness of iiRDS containers can be checked easily and free of charge.

With the VDI 2770 Open Toolkit you can try out the advantages of VDI 2770

VDI 2770 Open Toolkit

Do you want to try out the advantages of the Digital Data Chain? No problem! With the VDI 2770 Open Toolkit, you can create digital manufacturer information conforming to the standard. In cooperation with the Digital Data Chain Consortium, plusmeta has developed this free toolkit and provides it free of charge.

With the iiRDS Open Toolkit you can gain first experiences with the iiRDS standard

iiRDS Open Toolkit

Neither too much nor too little: the iiRDS Open Toolkit is the reference solution for gaining your first experience and success with iiRDS. The free Open Toolkit lets you easily add metadata to content and export your first iiRDS-compliant package.

IT Security at plusmeta

Certified IT security according to the latest standards is just as crucial to plusmeta as clear and individual control of access and user rights.

Information security in the plusmeta platform

Data and information security is our top priority. Thus, our “security-first software design” always uses the latest technologies to ensure the highest standards in protecting your sensitive information.

Your data is stored on the plusmeta platform exclusively encrypted

Encrypted data for the highest security

Data in the plusmeta platform is stored exclusively in encrypted form. We ensure that no unauthorized access can occur at rest (encryption-at-rest) and in transit (encryption-in-transit).

Our cloud servers are certified according to ISO 27001

Certified IT security management

Security is the top priority regarding sensitive data and product information. Regular security audits to the highest standards are a given. We provide certified information security in accordance with ISO 27001 and ensure consistent implementation of the GDPR.

Your data is protected against external influences

Your data is protected against external influences

All stored data is encrypted in the plusmeta platform using AES-256 encryption (encryption-at-rest). This applies to all files, database contents, and backups.

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