The Solution for Intelligent Information

Metadata, Automation, and Digital Data Chains

plusmeta enables AI-based automation of your information processes and digitization projects. This makes complex and error-prone processes simple, fast, and efficient. Create Intelligent Information and get the most out of your content!

plusmeta is your intelligent solution for your metadata, digital data chains and automation
Take advantage of the opportunity to implement the digital data chain with plusmeta

Implement a Digital Data Chain

Take advantage of the possibilities of the Digital Data Chain right now. plusmeta helps with automatic document preparation, compliant metadata assignment, and upload to your customers’ IEP systems.

Generate a digital twin from your Pdf with the AI of plusmeta

Automate Digital Twin

From PDF to Digital Twin with AI. Automate the creation and updating of Digital Twins with plusmeta. Automatically process technical data from datasheets and service information.

plusmeta provides them with VDI 2770 compliant documentation for digital manufacturer information

Deliver VDI-2770 compliant documentation

More and more companies are demanding this standard for digital manufacturer information. With plusmeta, you can create guideline-compliant VDI 2770 containers in the shortest possible time thanks to AI-based automation.

plusmeta enriches your CMS with metadata

Enrich content with metadata

Whether content engineering or quality assurance, plusmeta uses AI to classify the topics and nodes in your content management system (CMS) and thus offers technical editors ideal support in their daily work.

plusmeta supports you to create your iiRDS mapping

Create iiRDS mappings

iiRDS enables standardized information exchange between companies and systems. Enrich your content automatically in plusmeta with iiRDS metadata or map existing metadata to iiRDS concepts.

plusmeta prepares content for content delivery portals

Prepare content for portal systems

To find suitable content in content delivery portals (CDP), metadata is essential from the user’s point of view. plusmeta supports you in unifying many data silos and preparing content for use in a CDP.

plusmeta helps to enrich large amounts of inventory data with metadata

Fill document management systems (DMS)

With plusmeta's AI, large volumes of inventory data can be easily enriched with metadata and passed on to a DMS in various output formats. The metadata can create folder structures for you and sort the documents according to the metadata.

plusmeta delivers many other solutions that support you in your processes

and much more

Similarity analysis to identify variants and duplicates, merging supplier documentation, and segmenting large documents — plusmeta's range of functions is constantly growing, making it the perfect tool to turn your digitization projects into reality.

Entwickelt für Technische Dokumente

Entwickelt für Technische Dokumente

Egal ob es um die Vergabe von Metadaten, die Extraktion von Wissen oder um die Umsetzung von Standards geht - mit der plusmeta-Plattform bereiten Sie Ihre Technischen Dokumente optimal auf. Durch den Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz sparen Sie große Arbeitsaufwände ein. plusmeta ermöglicht Ihnen einen effektiven Arbeitsprozess und macht Ihre Dokumente fit für moderne Anwendungen und Austauschformate.

Proof of Concept

From our many projects, we know how different the requirements and needs of our customers can be. Our solution: the proof of concept.

We aim to create the best possible user experience and demonstrate tangible added value. In a 3-month proof-of-concept, we work with you to develop the required metadata based on a clearly defined use case, configure the system, and train the AI to fit your content precisely. This allows you to try out plusmeta without risk to see how it can support you in your individual use case. Following the PoC, you can then go directly into productive operation.

In a proof of concept we adapt the software to them to create an optimal user experience

Our Approach

Tangible results with manageable effort: Get started easily with plusmeta.

plusmeta delivers tangible results with manageable effort
Mit plusmeta bis zu 80 % Zeitersparnis!

Mit plusmeta bis zu 80 % Zeitersparnis!

Von zahlreichen Kunden bestätigt: plusmeta optimiert Ihre Prozesseffizienz. Die plusmeta-Plattform automatisiert und beschleunigt viele Arbeitsschritte – unkompliziert, zügig und praktisch. Entdecken Sie das Potenzial Intelligenter Informationen und heben Sie Ihren Content auf das nächste Level. Vereinbaren Sie eine unverbindliche Demo und lernen Sie unsere effizienten Workflows kennen.


plusmeta makes it easy to implement modern industry standards. The plusmeta Platform was developed to support the implementation of the required metadata concepts and the creation of the needed structures. This enables standardized and efficient data exchange, which helps to ensure that information is always available where it is required.

With the help of plusmeta's artificial intelligence to the VDI 2770 standard

VDI 2770

The VDI guideline 2770 defines the minimum requirements for digital manufacturer information in the process industry. With plusmeta, you can create guideline-compliant VDI 2770 containers in no time. Meet one of the most essential requirements of the process industry today, which is increasingly becoming a must-have criterion in purchasing.


The “intelligent information request and delivery” standard is an open-source standard developed by the iiRDS consortium to exchange digital user information. It enables the industry and vendor-independent delivery of intelligent data.

plusmeta helps generate iiRDS packets with its artificial intelligence
With IEC 61406, physical objects can be globally uniquely assigned with an ID

IEC 61406

IEC 61406 (formerly DIN SPEC 91406) is used to identify physical objects using a globally unique ID (Identification Link or AutoID). Our plusmeta Platform can generate this ID automatically based on metadata and export it as a QR code. The IEC 61406 ID forms a central part of the digital data chain.

VDE SPEC 90009

VDE SPEC 90009 defines a standard for “meta-metadata”, with which information about the origin of metadata, such as confidence, award method, or acceptance status, is preserved. This guideline was significantly co-developed by plusmeta and provides, e.g., in ST4 AI Jetpack for more process security in AI automation.

VDE SPEC 90009 defines a standard for meta-metadata

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